My wife is by far the greatest thing that ever happened to me and my favorite thing on the earth is being a husband to her- leading her, helping her, being a soul mate for her. Our marriage is nowhere near perfect (everyone on earth has their quirks and their flaws), but we're perfect for each other! That's been our slogan along with "We're broken together" which by the way is our favorite song. It opened our eyes to embracing imperfections and overcoming them so that our faith can be the center point of our marriage; not our flaws and faults (although we both certainly have many of them!).


BTY. Better Than Yesterday.

My "purpose & passion project" in life is to help people become better than yesterday! On my Facebook page, I post tips, interviews I've done, interviews of other people, game-changing books, quotes, simple life hacks, and anything and everything that can literally help people focus on being a better of yourself every single day! My approach is to improve on your 11 areas of life by focusing on tiny little things you can do every single day.


"When you get where you're going don't forget turn back around and help the next one in line."- Tim McGraw, Humble and Kind

At any given time, I have at least 1 young entrepreneur that I walk along side and help navigate life and business. When I first got started as an entrepreneur, I never even heard of the word mentor! Then once I built my first solid mentor team both my personal and professional lives sky rocketed. To date, I am always adding and replacing mentors across each of the major areas of my life.

If you're serious about entrepreneurship, here are 2 resources I created to help you become your absolute best:

1. 13 Questions Every Entrepreneur Should Ask Themselves Regularly

2. 9 Common Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make (and keep making!)



Our family has a love for being on salt water! One of our favorite things to do is jump on the boat, turn up the music and explore new waters. For our family, boating is a perfect way to spend quality time together.


Pushups ... PUSH-U-P-S!

I believe that if you can stack up small victories all day long, you create discipline (saying no to refined sugars, sugary drinks, and fast food) and develop resiliency in building solid habit loops. I like doing 10 pushups at the top of each minute over 10 - 20 minutes several times per day.

Each hour try to do a set (or more) of 5 or 100 pushups depending on your fitness level. It will help you start looking at your days differently. While you may not have 1 full hour to dedicate to the gym, you DO have 1-3 minutes each hour over the course of several hours throughout the day.

Ford Raptor Fanatic #raptorfanforlife

Everyone has a group or organization they fit into. Mine is the Raptor community 🙂 These machines are sheer awesomeness for anyone passionate about pickups. :: 'nuff said ::

ford raptor


Boxing 8 or 12 rounds each today helps me stay in great shape physically. More importantly, it challenges me mentally. I used to watch boxing on TV and think "anyone can do that sport"! HA!!! Once I put on a pair of gloves and took boxing seriously, I quickly found out it's hands down the most physically challenging activity I've ever done!


Killer Shark Marketing

The name of the marketing company I started in 2007; and I say awesome because of the incredibly talented, big-hearted team members that make up the business. Without them, we'd just be an ordinary marketing company 🙂 Killer Shark is the ultimate story of blood, sweat and tears. There's a reason the quote says "Never, ever, ever give up" and not just "Never give up." I've failed a bunch of times with other business ventures but all of those experiences helped to shape the business person I am today. To learn more about Killer Shark Marketing, visit the website.

Siberian Huskies

Katie and I are passionate about this breed in a big way! Mako and Si have won our hearts (although they've chewed up pretty much everything in our home at one point or another) and are a big part of our family. Whether we're at home in Georgia or at our beach house in Amelia Island, it's a guarantee our huskies are close by 🙂


Shark Fishing

We love taking our clients shark fishing in Amelia Island, FL. One of our clients has a fishing charter (AC Charters, Captain Allen Mills) so it's a great way to help his business out by introducing him to our other clients. It's amazing what the power of networking can achieve!



I currently hold a 6 handicap and really enjoy the game. One of my favorite parts of the game is the long ball. I actually spent an entire summer training for long-ball driving and got it all the way up to 363 one time! Nowhere near as long as the guys on the long drive tour, but it was a great lesson in setting my mind to something and following through. The training consisted of rigorous stretching and core workouts with a trainer followed by golf instruction to master the long drive swing. It's a fun process and I recommend it to anyone!


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