"Be better than yesterday."

I was born and raised in Hazleton, Pennsylvania. For the first 25 years of my life I made a whole lot of bad decisions (a few good ones, too), aligned myself with a lot of people who weren't on the same mission as me, and listened to a lot of bad advice! I've actually given a theme to that portion of my life:

"Just because someone loves you, it doesn't mean they know what's best for you."

One childhood dream I always had: to be in the U.S. Secret Service. And after graduating college, I actually set out to accomplish that dream (despite hearing advice ranging from "you are too young to do that" up to "you will never get into a position like that." After a 2-year grueling application process (background checks, physical testing, psychological evaluations), I was hired as a U.S. Secret Service Officer with my first duty at the White House. Landing this job was bittersweet because I felt that I had something to prove to a lot of people!

In 2005 I was selected to be part of the Presidential Advance Team. One of my favorite experiences was spending 2 weeks in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. I went on to visit 44 states in America and pieced together a handful of international visits, including India, Germany, Spain, Canada, and Mongolia. Life was awesome, but there was something missing. I knew it every single day.

Did you ever have a feeling deep down inside your heart that you wanted something so badly that nothing will keep you from getting it? I did. But for 10 years I listened to people talk me out of starting my own business. "It's too risky", "You're too young", "What if you fail?" All of these kept me from living my ultimate dream but looking back it was nobody's fault but my own! And if you're sitting there right now and haven't set out to accomplish your own dream, be assured you will have tremendous regret the rest of your life. (One of the main reasons I created an online learning course is to walk everyone through the exact 17 business ideas I used to build a multi-million dollar lifestyle business that has been everything I ever dreamed of and a whole lot M-O-R-E!). Quick disclaimer: I don't want you to think it was simple and overnight. There are plenty of empty promises online that will make you rich; yet, they are merely selling snake oil. Truth is, there was a lot of heartbreak and tons of failure along the journey. The good news is that I have disclosed every bit of it in my course so that you can greatly reduce the chance of making the same mistakes I did. If you take a lot my advice and implement even a few of my strategies, your business should become more profitable and your life more enjoyable.

2009: Founded Killer Shark Marketing

In 2009, Killer Shark Marketing was created with the sole purpose of helping business owners once again feel comfortable with using the internet to market their businesses. "Enough is enough, I am setting out to change the entire Internet Marketing landscape," I would say!

In the first year alone, Killer Shark Marketing became a 1 million dollar company! "Business owners were referring other business owners to us faster than we could hire people." And the vision for Killer Shark Marketing was off to the races.

"Regardless of how successful Killer Shark becomes, my focus is on people. How can I help somebody today? That's what makes it all worthwhile."